Fuji FinePix Z700EXR Features Pet Detection


Don’t find pictures of human beings rewarding? Well, maybe pets are more up your street? Not only is the Fuji FinePix X700EXR able to detect human faces, it can also detect up to 10 cat or dog faces per photo. Of course, if your pet is a turtle or goldfish, then you’re probably out of luck. So if you’ve got a penchant for snapping hundreds of pictures of your cat/dog, this might just be the camera for you. The FinePix X700EXR will be going for $280 later this month.

Other features of the Z700EXR include:

  • 3.5–inch LCD
  • 12–megapixel CCD
  • Face detection and recognition
  • 5x optical zoom
  • YouTube and Facebook uploads via MyFinePix Studio

Fuji FinePix Z700EXR.

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