i3D Prototype Screen Doesnt Require Glasses For 3D

If we could ditch those pesky 3D specs and still get an enjoyable 3D viewing experience, we’d certainly do so. Of course, there are a few companies already working on such things, including Nintendo with its upcoming 3DS. Now a Los Angeles based company is trying to achieve a similar result with its i3D display, and not only that, its claim to fame is that it can convert any 2D movie to a 3D flick, thanks to some software magic. All you have to do is tap the 3D button, and it’ll convert the video on the fly. Aside from that, the company also claims to offer 3D viewing at close to 90 degrees viewing angle, which is certainly a bold claim. Of course, if they manage to perfect the technology and it becomes mainstream, we’d certainly be happy. After all, 3D is the future, right?

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