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Intel just announced that it has created the Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund whose goal is to accelerate the rate of innovation on its Atom platforms. This is another tool that the Intel Atom Developer Program can use to entice developers to create and submit applications. At the moment, here’s how developer can get cash from the fund – in Intel’s own words:

Fast Track 2010: Developers want quick revenue and increased visibility. For 250 selected validated applications submitted between March 1-31, 2010, the developer or software company will receive $500. Talk about fast revenue!

Download 2010: Revenue from one download is nice, but how about maximizing it? For 100 selected validated applications submitted between March 1-31, 2010, Intel will add to a developer or software company’s revenue on the Intel AppUp Center for 4 months (even for free apps).

The Intel Atom Developer Challenge: This contest offers great prizes and marketing exposure for developers and their applications. Watch for the announcement of more prizes on March 9, 2010

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