Is The Nexus One Not Pocket Friendly?

Cracked phones are nothing new, after all, people drop them, sit on them, and who knows what else? That being said, the folks over at CNET apparently had their Nexus One just spontaneously crack (and leave an ugly purple hue). The phone wasn’t dropped or anything, but was just sitting on the desk being charged. When taken for inspection to HTC, it was mentioned by a HTC person that “People sometimes forget that they don’t go in pockets,” which is rather weird, considering most folks tend to keep their mobile phones in their pockets. Sure, if you keep it in your back pocket and sit on it, that’s your fault, but not everybody keeps it in their back pocket. The cost of replacing a cracked screen is £180 ($272), which is rather pricey. Regardless of whatever phone you’re using, it’s certainly a good idea to make sure you don’t get the screen cracked, as it’s rarely ever cheap to replace. This story actually reminds us of the physical testing that the Nexus One is subjected to, and that certainly looks a lot more brutal than being put in your pocket.

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