MIT Researchers Discover New Energy Source (Its Not Energon)

Every gadget and laptop user on the planet has at some point of time complained about battery life, and we’ve been waiting for something new and interesting to give us smaller and lighter batteries for ages. Now, hopefully the folks over at MIT might have a solution as a team of scientists there have discovered a microscopic energy source which is able to generate electricity using nanotechnology. According to the report, organic carbon nanotubes will be coated with a thin layer of fuel and a thermopower wave will be utilized, resulting in something that could power computers and cell phones with batteries that are about 10 times smaller than before, while still offering the same power output. If you’re concerned about the environment, these batteries could be incinerated or just degrade over time without leaving the usual heavy metal residue in the environment, which should make this battery a lot more environmentally friendly.

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