Multi-touch iTable Makes For An Interesting Coffee Table

Sooner or later, we’re all going to end up with interactive multi-touch coffee tables in our living rooms, but until they become so commonplace that nobody bothers about them anymore, we’re going to keep reporting on the occasions that such devices surface. The iTable certainly won’t get any blessings from Apple with regards to its name, but aside from that, it’s really a cool computer that can recognize up to 32 fingers on its 42-inch full HD LED screen, allowing multiple folks to interact with it at the same time. It boasts PQ Labs’ True Multi-Touch technology, which should make the experience of using the iTable pleasant. Another important feature of the iTable is that it can recognize almost any object that’s interacting with it, be it a stylus, pen, glove, bottle, or cups, and this certainly opens up more possibilities for it. Are you looking forward to having something like this in your living room?

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