New Amazon Patent To Send You The Video Of Your Orders Being Boxed

Looks like Amazon has come up with a fancy patent that will help it eliminate those oh-so-irritating finger pointing scenes where one party says the goods have been included, but the receiver claims to not have received it. In the patent awarded to Amazon, the company will film outgoing packages being boxed up, and stills from these videos (or the entire clip) can be sent to the buyer, thus verifying that the proper items have been packed. Of course, there are many benefits that can come from this, such as merchants, who include flyers or other advertisements when shipping, will be able to easily check if the job is being done, instead of having to perform random inspections. Customers will also be able to trace if something that was purchased was not included. Of course, this probably means that you can’t scam Amazon and say that the free gift that you were supposed to receive was never included, but you never do that, right?

Patent details.

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