Nvidias Jen Hsun Huang looking forward to day in court with Intel

You might have heard of the legal battle between Intel and Nvidia: one of the unresolved issues is the Front Side Bus (FSB) license for Core ix processors that would allow Nvidia to create chipsets compatible with these CPUs (a chipset integrates functions like USB, Networking… and could feature integrated graphics as well). According to Nvidia, the deal was that Intel could use some Nvidia patents, while Nvidia could make chips compatible with Intel CPUs. Intel is said to be wanting to continue using Nvidia’s patents in new products, but Nvidia would not be allowed to create products compatible with Intel’s new products – that brought the Nvidia chipset design activities to a halt. Jen Hsun Huang (Nvidia’s CEO) believes that “this is unfair” and is certain that the court will side on Nvidia’s side at the end of the year. In the meantime, Nvidia released its Next-Generation ION chip, which is not a chipset anymore but an efficient discrete GPU that is turned on only when necessary to save power. The switch is seamless, thanks to the Optimus technology. Check the complete video interview on Fortune.

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