RIM Offers BlackBerry Push Services To All BlackBerry Developers

RIM had previously mentioned that it would be making the BlackBerry Push APIs available to all developers for free in the first half of 2010, and it seems that the company is going to make good on that promise by offering two levels of push services. This is also great news for the end user, as while applications out there already make use of push services, the services cost quite a bit for developers to implement, so with the latest offerings, developers should be able to cut down the cost of their applications, or perhaps even offer them for free. The push services offered are:

  • BlackBerry Push Essentials – is a free service that developers can incorporate into their applications and allows them to push content to their customers with unparalleled immediacy.
  • BlackBerry Push Plus – which has a free tier and paid tiers, provides developers with notification that their push has been delivered. If a content provider needs to get information to someone, they can tell if the target device has received the push.

Blackberry Push Service.

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