Skype Mobile For Verizon Wireless From This Thursday

Verizon and Skype have officially confirmed that a version of Skype mobile will be available for its phones from this Thursday onwards. The application will be supported on the carrier’s current crop of Android and BlackBerry devices, which include the popular Droid and Tour devices. Current owners of supported phones should be able to pick the app up via a web download or through the Android Market, while new BlackBerry users should already find the app in the Downloads folder of the phone when you get it. With Skype mobile on your mobile phone, you’ll be able to call other Skype clients for free, and you’re also able to call to normal phone lines via SkypeOut minutes. Are you a big user of Skype on your mobile phone, or are you still used to the traditional method of making phone calls?

Official post.

Update: this post previously mentioned that Skype on Verizon phones was using the data network. This was incorrect, Skype uses the voice network because the latency is lower.

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