For some reason, steampunk-anything seems cool, but when you steampunk a stormtrooper helmet, you can be sure that you’ve got something really cool on your hands. Of course, there wasn’t any steampunk stormtrooper running around in Star Wars, but you have to admit that this steampunk stormtrooper helmet is extremely cool.


This steampunk stormtrooper helmet was created by Brian Rood for the TK Project, which is a charity event that the 501st Stormtrooper Legion is conducting for the Make A Wish Foundation. So it was all for a really good cause and you’ve got to admit that the helmet looks pretty darn cool as well. Almost makes you want to imagine how the movie would have looked like with steampunk’d stormtroopers running around.

Steampunk brings together fantasy and speculative fiction with works set in 19th century Western civilization relying upon stream power for machinery. It has now become a popular sub-genre of science fiction and has a massive fan following, who often create stories that are set in Victorian era England with prominent elements of fantasy or science fiction.

It has also been a growing trend at Comic Con to dress up as a steampunk version of your favorite character and every year we get to see some really amazing creations.

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