T3-B Multi-touch Table From Digital Touch

It looks like companies are busy trying to turn the humble coffee table into something way more interesting. Despite there already being other options and designs being worked on, Digital Touch seems confident in its T3-B table, which is a coffee table sized unit that has a built-in 26-inch LCD, as well as Wi-Fi, allowing users to browse, select and interact with various options on screen. The inclusion of an orientation switch should be fairly useful, as it allows you to view your content from any side of the table. The table can also be hooked up with an optional receipt printer, credit card reader and TV tuner, making it perfect for settings such as a hotel environment or restaurant. The T3-B is currently featured in a handful of the top 100 venues in the US, so if you’re ever in one of those posh areas, keep an eye out for such a table.

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