It looks as though the Apple iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch) is going to get some curious 3D gaming, regardless of whether you wear glasses or not. Florida-based kode80 just announced an update to its HoloToy application for iPad that will offer the app a simulated 3D effect by creating perspective based on the angle of the device, so that our brains are fooled into perceiving a sense of depth. At $0.99 a pop, HoloToy will run on any device running the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 or later, residing on a mere 8MB of storage space. It will include games like HoloBall that sees you maneuvering a ball through a 3D room. What do you think of 3D technology for the iPad? Needless to say, we can’t rule out the possibility of Nintendo trying something similar with a 3DS.

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