Asus M4A89 Series motherboards introduces new IEEE standard

Asus is proud to be the first motherboard manufacturer that will introduce the IEEE 802.32az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard on its range of M4A89 Series motherboards. Apparently, these new models will help increase energy savings up to 81.3% by reducing power delivery during periods of low network activity. This means operating a Gigabit Ethernet LAN now requires a mere 89.1mW of power instead of 476.8mW, especially during periods of lower Ethernet utilization. Network and system administrators who wnt to find a way to help their company lower monthly operating expenditures might be interested in this new range of Asus motherboards. Just a note of caution though – saving power on Ethernet is nice, but it’s probably one of the least power-consuming parts in a system, making this more or less a marketing stunt.

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