BlackBerry Bold 9650

Blackberry has released the official information about the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9650. To make a long story short, and just like the earlier leaks predicted, the phone is a CDMA worldphone version of the Bold 9700 (GSM-only) but has a SIM card slot that travelers can use abroad. Verizon and Sprint are rumored to be preparing the phone’s launch, and some Sprint marketing material has been allegedly spotted already. Although the iPhone is not available for with these carriers, Blackberry has been pitching the devices against the iPhone by pushing its multitasking capabilities: “You can use all of your favorite apps at the same time – there’s no need to close one to use another” – pretty explicit, right? And Blackberry might be playing this angle because the Bold 9630 is the first BB to have 512MB of application memory. The word on the street says that it might be eligible for a Webkit browser and an OS 6 update when both are ready – that’s a rumor. And if you feared that it might lack WIFI, be assured that WIFI is present (it seems like a “duh”, but the Tour 9630 did not have it…). Other than that, head to our review of the Blackberry 9700 – the experience should be (almost) the same.

BlackBerry Bold 9650 side

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