Drift Innovation Remote Controlled X170 Action Camera

If you want to record all your Evel Knievel stunts from a first person’s perspective, Drift Innovation’s X170 Action Camera is a lightweight camcorder that should be good enough to help you achieve that. It’s able to record directly to an SD card at 720 x 480 resolution at 30fps. Still pictures of 5-megapixels are handled easily by this camera too. The major downside is that its battery life is only about an hour, so if you’re riding cross-country, you’ll need to prepare a few of the AA batteries that it uses. The package offers a wide array of mounts, including a helmet grip, head strap, google and handlebar mounts and the traditional Velcro fastener. Also bundled is an RF remote control, allowing you to control it from 5 meters away.

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