eComm, Emerging Communications Conference, SF April 19-21

Ubergizmo is a media partner of eComm America 2010, the 3-day conference held at the San Francisco Airport Mariott, on April 19-21. The speakers lineup and the sessions topics look very promising, the third day will be entirely dedicated to Augmented Reality! We offer a 10% discount for our readers, enter the code Ubergizmo when you register on the page here.

Check out the latest eComm video blogpost with Michael Jackson (Mangrove Capital) presentation “Finding Disruption”, that’s a great talk!

72 talks have been confirmed and the major topics of eComm America 2010 will include:

  • Mobile Augmented Reality; Applications, Advertising, Collaboration and Opportunities.
  • End of Telephony and New Voice Enabled Platforms
  • Communications-Enabling Business Processes (CEBP); Enterprise and B2C Efficiency.
  • M2M and P2P on Mobile Networks
  • New I/O Devices and Methods; Tablets, Touch Gesture, Wearable, Augmented Reality, Transparent OLEDs, 3D Mobile Displays Etc.
  • Connected Home and Car Revisited; in-car WiFi, Touchscreens, Adobe Flash Powered Dashboards, Voice Interaction
  • Open Platforms and Open Source
  • Connecting People, Places, Processes and Things; “Internet of Things”
  • Broadband and Telecom, Regulation and Policy Trajectories: The Next 3 Years
  • Mobile Advertising 2010: Location 2.0 and Privacy 2.0; Local Context, Social Context, Immediacy
  • The Great Telecom Restructuring: Threats, & New Business Models
  • Telecom Network APIs and Carrier Data
  • New TV, Video Platforms and Delivery Systems

To get a feel of the conference, watch this interesting presentation by +8 CEO, Benjamin Joffe, about cultural differences in mobile usage in Asia and efficient carriers strategies in Japan.


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