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iPhone 4G Found, Dissected

iphone 4g real picture

We previously reported on a suspected iPhone 4G leak, who would have thought that it would be the real deal? It seems that the folks over at Gizmodo managed to get it from someone who “found it in a bar” (we thought that Apple chained their test devices to tables?). After putting it under the knife, it looks very much like the real deal. You have to admit, it looks like the most credible of of all the devices that we’ve seen so far. The new screen has a much higher resolution, there’s a real flash in the back and a front-camera (Skype might go to the next level soon). Check out the full post for the details and a video.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball says that his contact from Apple told him that the back of the next iPhone is made from some kind of fancy “glass”. He points out that Apple has obtained a patent for a ceramic glass-like, scratch-proof, enclosure. The justification to use this is that the ceramic enclosure would not block radio waves. Interesting read. John also says that Apple considers the unit to be “stolen”

New features


Update: Seems like Apple has more or less confirmed that this device is the real deal, since it has written a letter to Gizmodo, asking for the device to be returned.

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