Macbook Pro Core i7 is 30% Faster

The Macbook Pro 15 has an Intel Core i7 processor running at 2.67Ghz which capable to overclock itself to about 3.33Ghz, if extra performance is needed. We already knew that the new Macbook Pro with Core i7 would be fast, but our own tests show that the processing power is even better than what previous leaked benchmark results hinted. Our Geekbench test yielded a score of 5412 – that’s a little better than the rumored 5260, and this is much better than the 4150 score that the best 2009 Macbook Pro 15 (3.06Ghz) gets. Note that Geekbench measures compute power and memory speed – not perceived user speed (we’ll get to that in our upcoming review). Oh, and at the same time, the Core i7 Macbook Pro has a better battery life… I’ll be posting some photos, then I’ll get to the complete review. If you have 10mn to spare, read my Sony Vaio Z review in the meantime – it hits the same price point. If you won’t buy anything non-Apple, check our iPad Review.

Update 4/20: We’ve published our complete Macbook Pro Review

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