Mio Lost GPS navigation system

Not all companies can pull off a trick where dousing their already popular device with different colors would result in marked up sales and repeat purchases, so some others rely on different gimmicks, with Mio trying out the Knight Rider GPS navigation system last year which relied on the actual voice of KITT. Well, that model didn’t do too well, but the folks at Mio are taking another crack at it with a Lost version. This time round, the Mio Lost (ironically named, don’t you think?) will come with a 4.3″ display, a 10 million POI database, voice commands and Bluetooth connectivity. What sets it apart would be having your favorite character from Lost read out directions (limited to Jack, Kate, Sawyer or Locke only), while entering a string of mysterious numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42) into the map coordinates section will reveal an Easter Egg – the time travel mode that will see the display flash white sometimes when navigating, guiding you to a totally different destination altogether. Sounds fishy to us, and Mio certainly wouldn’t want to have such blemish on them, right? We’ll file this under April Fool’s.

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