New 15-inch MacBook Pro i5 Disassembled

Curious what’s going on inside your shiny new MacBook Pro 15, but don’t have to the guts to take it apart just to satisfy your curiosity? The helpful folks over at iFixit have done all the dirty work for you (as usual). The good news for folks who aren’t happy about the MacBook having an internal battery is that the battery is just three screws and a connector away from being replaced. Another interesting point is that Apple has stopped using the five-point Torx screws found on the earlier MacBook Pro 15 Unibody, and has decided on Tri-Wring screws instead, not that you can’t find the right screwdriver. You can also check out the full details on the teardown if you want.

Update 4/20: We’ve published our complete Macbook Pro Review

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