New LG Outdoor 55-inch LCD Panel Can Withstand Up To 100 Degrees Celsius

You might not always be in a really hot environment, but when the surface temperature of LCD panels exceeds 75 degrees Celsius, part of the display tends to turn black, requiring a separate UV-blocking film, cooling system and protective glass which means additional costs. Now LG has developed an LCD panel that can display clear images even when its surface temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. The added benefit is that these panels are even cheaper to produce than existing panels and are much brighter than expected. This new 55-inch panel display uses a proprietary liquid crystal structure technology, in-plane switching (IPS) technology, LED backlight and a low reflection rate of under 2 percent, realizing a brightness level of 2000cd/m2, giving your images that can be displayed outdoors that are much brighter and clearer than before. The panel is expected to debut at the China Optoelectronics & Display Expo 2010 on May 8th.

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