Silverlight to Arrive in Set Top Boxes

Microsoft has already made some inroads with Silverlight (a technologie competing with Adobe Flash) in select web media outlets, but at NAB, the company will try to sell Silverlight for set top boxes. The concept is to run Silverlight on low-power processors such as those found in your cable box to bring video content with digital rights management (DRM) to your TV. You can guess that if this works, it would create a great entry for Microsoft in the broadcasting world, and down the road, you can expect to get the same services on other Silverlight-compatible platform: mobile, PC and Mac. Because set top boxes are self-contained, users don’t really know (and care) about what technology powers them, so it might be easier to get a win there. Now the question is: will broadcaster be convinced? What do you think? [via theinquirer]

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