Verilux Rise And Shine Natural Sleep System

Nobody likes to hear the alarm clock ring in the morning, and if you’d rather be woken up in a more natural way, you’d want to check out the updated version of the Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Sleep System. The previous version looked a lot like an ugly table lamp, but this model looks squarer. When you’re nodding off to sleep, you can set it to play some soothing sounds, and slowly dim the light as you go off to sleep. It sports an FM tuner, auxiliary port for your MP3 player, as well as enough memory to store about 800 MP3s. You can also do the reverse, which increases the sound gradually, while also increasing the brightness, obviously an effort to help you wake up. If you think the built-in lamp isn’t bright enough, the option to add in an auxiliary lamp will certainly come in handy.

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