9th Foxconn Employee Death This Year

Reports of a 9th employee death at contract manufacturer Foxconn have appeared on Asian websites. The worker has fallen from a building, and so far the company has declined to comment on the situation. At this point, there is no official report about the cause of the fall. Previous falls have been reported as suicide or suicide attempts (two workers survived).

Most such workers are very young, usually in their twenties and Foxconn has been under fire by critics for alleged harsh working conditions. “We are not a sweat shop” the company says, but this is getting more and more difficult for Foxconn to get away from the spotlight. A previous employee fell to his death in an apparent suicide, after being interrogated for the loss of an iPhone prototype.

Foxconn manufactures electronic devices for prestigious brands like HP and Apple, who are increasingly under pressure from the public to review their contractors’ ethics. Foxconn has more than 400,000 employees in Shenzen, and 900,000 employees in total.

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