Acer unveils Android-powered tablet in Beijing, China

Acer’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci (looks a wee bit like Danny DeVito, eh?) has just unveiled another iPad alternative to the masses in Beijing, China, with an Android-powered tablet which comes with a 7″ color display. This device is tipped to arrive in the market by the time Q4 arrives, although there is no word on pricing or exact specifications. What we can garner from the unveiling was that Acer might choose to partner with mobile carriers, which more or less points toward the availability of 3G connectivity on this device. Another hardware feature that we can spot right from the beginning would be a QWERTY keypad that is not quite unlike the Kindle’s. Hopefully it will be competitively priced, and more importantly, will there be enough software infrastructure to support the device while increasing its longevity?

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