Aeolus phone concept is wind and solar powered

We’ve seen solar-powered phones in the past before, but this time round we have a concept that would certainly be a hoot to check out if it were to be released. We’re talking about the Aeolus Phone concept by industrial designer Cyrene Quiamco, where it can be juiced not only via solar energy, but using wind power as well. The latter is made possible thanks to a power generating fan which can capture even the slightest breeze to produce energy. In order to maximize its juice, you get a simple, single color and an energy-efficient LCD display. Keeping in line with the overall green theme, it sports renewable materials as the construction material of choice. Imagine cycling around the neighborhood with the Aeolus phone docked on the bicycle’s handlebars in order to capture even more energy while you’re on the go, although the image above seems to suggest that bad breath works equally well.

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