iphone interactive glass

Is stereoscopic 3D the future? It might seem so with the blockbuster hit Avatar in movie theatres, not to mention the insane amount of Blu-ray discs of the movie sold thereafter, letting James Cameron laugh all the way to the bank and then some. Well, the success of Avatar has spawned a slew of other 3D shows with some being flops while others are hits, with the smell of money attracting the attention of Apple as they show interest in a three-dimensional interactive experience which will potentially enable users to manipulate holographic 3D objects in space – all without having to wear a pair of special glasses or dorky-looking headgear. This new patent application was filed earlier this year, dubbed “Three-Dimensional Display System” where it describes a projection screen with an “angularly responsive reflective surface.” Are you interested to see what Apple will do with this patent application?

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