Asus CrossHair IV Extreme motherboard does not discriminate

The Asus CrossHair IV Extreme motherboard is pretty interesting since it comes with the Republic of Gamers (RoG) feature which allows one to hook up a secondary Bluetooth device including a netbook or smartphone, letting you adjust its overclocking settings remotely. Not exactly a deal clincher, but it does bring something new to the table. The main attraction would be this – it plays nice with all Socket AM3 Phenom and Athlon processors, alongside the inclusion of Lucidlogix’s Hydra solution that lets you mix and match a slew of graphic processing units regardless of make and model, letting you squeeze out maximum performance from whatever parts you have lying around at home without the need for any technical wizardry. No idea on shipping date or its price, but we’re clearly looking forward for the day when it arrives.

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