Bose goes for the jugular with new sound systems

Bose systems are rarely cheap, let alone affordable to the average Joe, but that doesn’t mean the company cannot turn a profit as it has been in business all these years as the rich and famous lap up their devices and audio systems without thinking twice about the financial damage. Well, the company is back with three more 5.1 systems, namely the V35, V25 and T20, where all of them will boast a new “Unify” technology which supposedly makes “connecting speakers and sources, programming remotes, and accessing content easier and faster than ever before.” No idea on how easy that will be – as if color codes and using simple logic of seeing which connector fits into which port isn’t enough. Guess money can’t really buy brains either, where you will need to fork out $3,299, $2,499 and $1,999 for the V35, V25 and T20, respectively.

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