Bugatti Working On An 800 Horsepower Electric Supercar

Many of you have probably heard of the Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastest production cars around and an incredible gas guzzler. That being said, it seems that the company isn’t only focusing on churning out said beasts and is keeping up with the times. Word is going around that Bugatti is busy experimenting with an electric powertrain that can churn out about 800 horsepower. The chassis of this prototype model is based on the Bentley Continental GT and features some advanced lithium-ion battery packs. Of course, if they’re planning to make this electric vehicle go as fast as the Veyron, they had better get some real good battery packs into the vehicle, or it’ll end up emptying its tank (or battery pack in this case) in minutes, just like the Veyron. Reports are suggesting that this is purely a demonstration model, though we must say we like the idea of a environmentally friendly, superfast electric vehicle. What do you think?

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