Dexim DCA199 Foldable Solar-Powered P-Flip for the iPhone 3G and 3GS

Love going green? If you haven’t yet picked up a solar-powered charger, then now might be the right time to do so with the Dexim DCA199 Foldable Solar-Powered P-Flip for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. This device supposedly offers an extended talktime of up to 8 hours as well as video playback or gaming time being stretched by another 15 hours, thanks to the 2,000mAh lithium-polymer battery within which can be juiced using its two camouflage-colored solar panels. You can opt to flip the device vertically or horizontally, depending on the orientation in which you want to watch your video, and can be folded to half its size for a greater degree of portability. It takes approximately 15 hours of direct sunlight to juice up, not making it suitable for everyday use as hooking it up to a USB port makes for the much more sensible solution. Its solar panels would come in handy when you hit the great outdoors with not a single power outlet in sight, so hopefully the skies remain clear throughout the day. The DCA199 will set you back by $79.95 a pop. [Press Release]

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Key SpecsiPhone 3GSiPhone 3G
Display Diagonal3.5" (8.89 cm)3.5" (8.89 cm)
Max. Total Storage Capacity32 GB16 GB
Megapixels3.15 Megapixel2 Megapixel
Complete product datanullnull
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