DIY tablet has Windows 7 up and running

While public perception is that of the iPad taking over the world, there are still pockets of resistance all over the world who knows that the iPad is not the second coming of the gadget world, and some smarty pants came up with this Windows 7 DIY tablet which is known as the DIY Shanzai iPad (how convenient), although it ought to get Apple fans up and all hissy in a fit since it runs on Windows XP or Windows 7. Inside this DIY project lies an HP 2530p motherboard alongside other various computing parts souced from all over, costing around $300 in total. We’re guessing this will feature Wi-Fi connectivity, but are rather doubtful on whether it has 3G support or not, so guess it would do well to spend its time at the nearest Starbucks. [Translated Page]

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