Eurocom Leaks Details Of The Upcoming GeForce GTX 480M

Eurocom might have let the cat out of the bag a little early as it has updated the specifications of its X8100 Leopard mobile workstation notebook to include a GeForce GTX 480M graphics chip, probably to replace NVIDIA’s 280M. The chip is described as using the Fermi architecture, and offers a large 2GB worth of video memory on the chip, as well as being churned out using the 40 nanometer process of the newer GeForce chipsets. Based on the description, it’s very possible that this chip might be extremely power hungry, as the figure of 100W was mentioned, though it wasn’t clear if that meant TDP (Thermal Design Power) or power requirements. The PC builder expects the new hardware to be available in June, which should be a good indication of a broader launch which includes other major manufacturers. Are you looking forward to a new graphics solution for notebooks?

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