Garmin G3 and G5 GPS devices for golf addicts

Are you an avid golfer? If so, then you might want to consider the Garmin G3 and G5 that offers the chance to reduce your handicap. The waterproof Approach G3 comes with a 2.6″ display, while the G5 has a larger 3″ screen, where both models will sport 1,250 pre-loaded courses as well as the ability to capture intimate details of every round. Apart from that, it can also help you in club selection by detailing distance to the pin or the best position to land the ideal approach shot. Some might call this cheating, but hey, if you ever want to get on the pro circuit, you need all the help you can before ditching such assistance, eh? The display itself is touchscreen capable, where Play and Preview options allows golfers to see detailed course maps with precise distance information from their current location to any position on the hole using Touch-Targeting. Too bad this seems to be limited to the 1,250 available courses for the UK, while additional courses for the UK and other countries across Europe can be downloaded at regular intervals to stay up to date.

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