Google Wave Collaborative Tool Is Now Open To The Public

When Google Wave was first announced, everybody was scrambling to get invites to something that sounded so promising, now a few months down the road, Wave didn’t take off as anticipated and Google has decided to drop the invitation process, effectively opening the service to the general public, not that there was any lack of invitations before this. Google Wave is now also available in the enterprise-centric Apps suite for free, a magic word that many folks will love to hear. While many users out there are still scratching their head as to how they might utilize Google Wave, its co-creator, Lars Rasmussen, has reminded us that we should give it another try, while admitting that they need to do some work on educating users on the best way to use it. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more cool videos from Google about Google Wave. Were you still using Google Wave before this change?

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