HP Exec Confirms webOS Tablet

Speculation that HP would be ditching Microsoft’s Windows 7 and use Palm’s (now HP’s) webOS as the OS of choice for its tablet device has been going around for some time. Now reports are in that Monty Wong, Vice President of personal computing systems at HP Taiwan, has confirmed that HP will be using webOS for both its smartphones and tablets, but not notebooks. This more or less confirms the existence of the HP Hurricane, which was a rumored webOS device. Will the Hurricane look anything like the recently axed HP Slate? We should be able to find out in a few months’ time, won’t we? Additional good news comes in the form that there will be a wide range of software support at launch, and considering how the App Store is a big part of the iPhone’s success, we’re certainly glad to hear this. Until then, you can drool over this concept webOS tablet device by David Vogt.

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