iRobot takes aim at Apple iPad

iRobot takes aim at Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has certainly been a success in its own right, and has fast fallen under the net of clone manufacturers for good reason – after all, why not ride on the popularity of a device that has sold over a million in less than half a year since its release? The M003 Apad you see here is also known as the iRobot, albeit it runs off the Android operating system (version unknown). Bearing a 7″ TFT display at 800 x 480 resolution, the iRobot comes with Google Maps support, HD video compatibility, a built-in webcam, 2GB/4GB of internal memory and an SD memory card slot. It retails for $199.99, and thanks to integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, you won’t need to look out for a mobile carrier to subscribe to for a mobile data plan.

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