Kayak.com Co-founder Plans To Cover Africa With Free Wi-Fi

The co-founder of travel search engine Kayak.com, Paul English, has a pretty lofty dream, and that’s to cover Africa with free public Wi-Fi. To make the challenge even harder, he wants it to be self-sustaining. He’ll be using the wealth he gained from the success of his website to buy the necessary satellite dishes and other equipment to deliver Wi-Fi to villages in countries such as Uganda and Zambia. The project will probably take the better part of a decade, so it’s going to take some time. The African Wi-Fi that he’s looking at will be somewhat akin to the free Wi-Fi you get at libraries, meaning you’ll be able to access sites such as Wikipedia, Skype and webmail, but bandwidth-intensive video streaming and non-essential things (read: pornography) would be restricted. Will the project succeed? We sure hope so.

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