Logic3 LCD ProDock for iPhones and iPods

Logic3 wants to increase the functionality of your iPhone and iPods with a new TV-output dock known as the LCD ProDock. This dock will play nice with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic, where it is capable of outputting virtually all video content or slideshows straight to the TV using composite or higher-end component connections, while audio is served through RCA stereo cables. Audio-only playback is also supported, while whenever your device is docked, they will continue charging as any good dock should. What sets the Logic3 LCD ProDock apart from the rest would be its remote control unit that is more futuristic than others, featuring an integrated color display which will synchronize with the iPhone/iPod so that you can check out menus on the remote from a distance. The remote is RF-based, so you can wield its magic within a 10 meter radius without any line-of-sight requirements. You can expect to fork out £80 (around $115) for the Logic3 LCD ProDock – get this only if you don’t have a dock and want one, or want to replace your existing dock.

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