Move Your Speakers To Mix Your Music Via RFID Tags


Can’t think of a cool way to make hack your speakers? Some folks out there seem to have put some effort into coming up with a RFID-supporting pair of speakers. What it does is it can read the orange squares on the floor, which are tags, and play the corresponding song. Lift the speaker up, and the song will stop, while the other speaker is still playing. It allows you to mix and match your music in a rather interesting way. Another thing you can do is that if you place the speakers side by side, they’ll both play the same music in sync, giving you a stronger audio output. Probably not something you’d do in your room, but it’s still cool nonetheless. Check out a video of it in action after the jump.

RHIFID Speakers – “This is a Journey into Sound” from Ulrik Andersen Hogrebe on Vimeo.

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