PhotoTrackr Plus Adds Geotagging To Your Nikon DSLR

Nikon camera owners who love geotagging will probably know of the GP-1 dongle from Nikon that can be attached to your camera’s hotshoe, which brings to mind the obvious disadvantage that your flash doesn’t have a home anymore. Now the folks at Gisteq are looking to offer you an alternate solution with its PhotoTrackr Plus. Instead of using the hotshoe, this device attaches to the camera’s 10-pin terminal and communicates with its transceiver via Bluetooth. The PhotoTrackr Plus also boasts 44 GPS tracking channels, compared to the GP-1’s 18. Of course, price is another advantage that this device has over Nikon’s official product as it’s priced at $179, a few bucks cheaper than the $200 that Nikon is asking for. You can check out the full comparison with the GP-1 on the PhotoTrackr Plus’ product page.

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