Qbo open source code robot runs on Linux OS

What’s so special about the Qbo robot? Well, it runs on the Linux operating system and will offer open source code for avid programmers to take full advantage of it. Whenever it is about to run out of juice, it will head towards its autocharging docking station, similar to what current robotic vacuum cleaners do. Its head will feature a couple of omnidirectional and one unidirectional microphone, while a couple of high definition-capable webcams make up its eyes, complete with eyelids for that added touch of realism. Where’re the tear ducts then, eh? 20 LEDs make up its mouth, while a solitary LED functions as its nose. It will be able to hook up to wireless networks thanks to integrated Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity with Bluetooth support. It gets around on wheels, where some of its abilities include stereoscopic vision, a Speech Recognition System, Speech Synthesis System, API & Web control panel while the ability to avoid obstacles and pitfalls thanks to ultrasound sensors. No idea on pricing though, but it would be cool if it had a couple of arms to make it more useful around the home.

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