SoftBank of Japan rolls out spring lineup of phones

Japan is well known for their highly advanced handsets, and here we are with SoftBank announcing their spring lineup right after KDDI did with 10 of theirs. SoftBank goes one up with 15 phones from various companies, where many of them feature Wi-Fi connectivity – something new (surprising?) considering most phones in Japan have 3G connectivity long before Wi-Fi became a staple feature. Not only that, SoftBank will include a Java Twitter app to many of its handsets to help you get your tweets out there soonest possible. Among the handsets available are the Panasonic 942P, Samsung 941SC (seen above), Mirumo 2 944SH, Aquos Shot 945SH, Sharp Solar Hybrid 842SH, Sharp 841SH flip-phone, Samsung 840SC, Panasonic 842P, NEC 840N, NEC 841N, Sharp 843SH, ZTE 840Z flip-phone, GENT 841SH flip-phone and Disney-branded DM006SH. Seems that the higher end handsets come with a 12– or 13–megapixel shooter – something the rest of the world still has to catch up with.

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