Toshiba Planning To Offer The World's Thinnest And Lightest Notebook?

When you talk of an ultra-thin notebook, Apple’s MacBook Air and Dell’s Adamo XPS would automatically come to mind. Now it seems that Toshiba wants to be included in that elite group as well, as a recent leak reveals. According to the leak, Toshiba is planning to churn out a system that will be powered by Intel’s Core i7 processor but still be small enough to fit into the ultra-thin category, thanks to some exotic cooling and construction. It will be using a system dubbed “Mountain Blaze” to lower the heat, and would be made out of a unibody, honeycomb structure, ensuring that it’s still tough, despite its dimensions. The system is targeted to weigh 2.4 pounds and will sport a 512GB SSD and could possibly be the first notebook to use Toshiba’s SCiB battery. If everything works out hunky dory, the system would be shipping sometime this summer and could offer options of using Intel’s Core i3 or i5 processors as well. You can expect such a notebook to burn quite a deep hole on your wallet, so you’d better start saving now.

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