Touch Bionics rolls out i-LIMB Pulse

Touch Bionics has a spanking new i-LIMB Pulse which is a totally new version of its once revolutionary i-LIMB Hand (the world’s first commercially available bionic hand). What makes the i-LIMB Pulse so special? Well, it comes with a wide range of new enhancements such as pulsing grip strength, software-enabled grip patterns and robust aluminium features for improved strength, although wearing one of this won’t turn you into the Incredible Hulk overnight as we doubt you can press a ton with it. The i-LIMB Pulse also sports BioSim, Touch Bionics’ new Bluetooth-enabled software which enables prosthetists to choose features and control strategies which suit them best. Expect the i-LIMB Pulse to ship from June 1st onwards. [Press Release]

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