Win star 10 port USB hub looks out of this world

Guess USB ports are to geeks what handbags and shoes are to fashionable women – where the adage of not having enough, ever, holds true. Well, the Win-star 10-port hub is pretty self-explanatory, where you are required to sacrifice a single port on your machine to gain back 10 more, leaving you with a net surplus of nine. Since it comes in a circular shape, it ought to play nice with just about any USB device that you decide to stick into as the size of those USB connectors shouldn’t really interfere with one another even when they are occupying side-by-side ports. Too bad this is a USB 2.0 hub, which means it isn’t able to take advantage of the blazing speeds of USB 3.0 just yet. At least this one comes with a power adapter, letting you juice up your USB-connected devices without having it hooked up to a computer to draw power from.

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