Belkin AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter for iMac

Own an iMac? You might want to consider getting the AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter for 27″ iMacs from Belkin, letting you enjoy graphics on your Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 on your lovely iMac display, although it will require you to fork out $150 for one. The AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter is able to take a 1080p signal from HDMI while sending it over to an iMac at 720p. No idea on why the video quality is downgraded, but perhaps that is mandated by copy protection standards? Audoi signal is also split for stereo-out. At the price point mentioned, don’t you think forking out a little bit more dough for a new HDTV at the iMac’s size makes more sense?

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