Borders unveils $120 Aluratek Libre

Borders aims to make a dent in the ebook reader market by rolling out the Aluratek Libre that isn’t on par with the Amazon Kindle and Sony eBook reader, but they hope that the $120 carrot which dangles in front of folks during these economically challenging times will help sway opinion that something cheap isn’t all that bad, even if it lacks many specifications found in other much more capable devices. Of course, the Aluratek Libre is also one of the many (up to ten) ebook readers that Borders will offer later this year, hoping to hit the jackpot with at least one of them. If consumers have more choice, this could very well work in their favor, but it remains to be seen whether the ebook reader market will finally put the nail in the paperback’s coffin this year or even in the next few years. [Press Release]

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