Disposable Insulin Jewel Pump

Debiotech and STMicroelectronics rolls out its Disposable Insulin Jewel Pump that is touted to be the most advanced use of microfluidic MEMS technology in diabetes treatment. This diminutive device is currently awaiting FDA clearance, where it can be mounted on a disposable skin patch in order to provide continuous insulin infusion. This ought to allow substantial improvements in the treatment efficiency and the quality of life of diabetic patients. The Jewel Pump will definitely be a whole lot smaller, thinner and lighter when compared to currently available insulin pumps, where it can be worn as a nearly invisible patch on the skin just in case you are rather self-conscious. It will deliver 4.5 milliliters of insulin that is enough for a 6-day treatment. Hopefully the cost won’t be prohibitive to those living in poorer countries.

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